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Views and i18n

I just started working on my first multi-lingual site in Drupal this week (woo-hoo!), and ran into a minor issue with one of my views: both the English and Spanish versions of translated nodes were appearing in the view. No good!

Loops : recursion :: tables : CSS

The latter may seem harder to understand at first, but in certain situations, the former is a nightmare, whereas the latter is a pleasant dream.

Next time, just spell it out

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I work from home, and I occasionally use Skype to dial in to lengthy meetings so I don't have to burn my cell minutes. In order to dial regular landlines, you have to purchase Skype Credits, which I have done. But since most of the numbers I call are 1-800 numbers (which Skype lets you call for free), I guess I haven't used any credits for a while. Thus, every time I sign in to Skype, this little message appears in the GUI:


Recursion: an example with no code

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You are using recursion right now. Right this very second. You use it hundreds of times a day without even realizing it, and so does everybody else. And you’ve been using it ever since you read your first Hardy Boys caper, or said something to Mommy and Daddy that wasn’t baby talk.

Here’s why: language is a recursive system.

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