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Drupal 6.x

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Only those things related to 6.x

Mixing Context and Drupal's Native Block Ordering System

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I work on a lot of legacy sites that were built without the Context module, and I would say that at least once on each of these legacy sites, I turn to Context when I have a very specific problem: the visibility settings for a particular block are so complex that (in Drupal 6 at least) they can only be expressed by writing code. For instance: suppose you’re using Organic Groups, and you want to show or hide a block based on whether the user is a member of that group.

Preventing Empty CCK-based Blocks from Printing

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Today I learned that if you have a Views-powered block that uses CCK fields; and the CCK fields are empty for all the returned rows; then Views doesn’t realize you’ve got an empty set and it still prints all the scaffolding for your block – the admin links, the container divs, and so on. The content of the block is empty, but the HTML still takes up space and throws off your layout.

Views and i18n

I just started working on my first multi-lingual site in Drupal this week (woo-hoo!), and ran into a minor issue with one of my views: both the English and Spanish versions of translated nodes were appearing in the view. No good!

Getting a path to your subtheme

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Was working with a subtheme today and ran into a problem with theme_get_path(), which is supposed to return the path to the active theme (actually, it's slightly more complicated than that; the value you get back depends on the context in which you call it).

Unfortunately, theme_get_path() does not always work correctly for subthemes.

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