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Hacking the Google Doodle for Fun and Profit, Minus the Profit

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Like many of my friends (especially my running friends), I’ve gotten a little caught up in Olympic fever this week. Also like many of my friends, I have zero chance of ever making it into the Olympics. But a few days ago, Google released a game that gave all us pathetic slobs a chance to feel what it’s like to take home the gold: The Google Doodle Hurdle Game.

A quick and dirty way to update old Firefox extensions

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What do you do when your favorite Firefox add-on hasn't been updated for the latest version of Firefox? Par example: one of my favorite add-ons is Statusbar Clock. Unfortunately, the folks over at Cosmic Cat Creations haven't updated their widget in well over a year.

The clicks, they do nothing!

Clearly, this little kitty has been put to sleep.

Getting the RSS feed icon to appear in the address bar

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I'd been wondering for some time how to get the familiar little RSS icon to show up in Firefox's address bar, like so:

RSS icon in the address bar

Turns out it's remarkably simple. Just add one line of code to your <head>:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" 
title="Your Feed Title" href="/path/to/feed.xml" />

It's just that easy.

Adding Flash that links to an external site

It should be so simple.

All you want to do is embed a Flash file in one of your pages. You want it to display properly in IE and Firefox (sorry, Opera!), and you also want a new window to open when the user clicks the link.

Seems easy, but there are a few problems that you'll probably encounter:

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