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Adding Plain Text to the list of default text formats

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Drupal has a hidden setting that prevents you from setting the Plain Text input format as the default if you have more than one input format available. I don’t understand why the fallback format (which, by definition, cannot be removed) should not be available as a default format, or why this setting should be hidden, but it is.

Why is this a problem? If you have a formatted text field for which Plain Text is the only input format, and you have supplied default text (unusual, I know, but it happened to me), then the user will need to select Plain Text as the input format even though it’s the only one available.

To change it, manually edit your filter.settings.yml config file and change always_show_fallback_choice to true:

fallback_format: plain_text
always_show_fallback_choice: true
  default_config_hash: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx