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Next time, just spell it out

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I work from home, and I occasionally use Skype to dial in to lengthy meetings so I don't have to burn my cell minutes. In order to dial regular landlines, you have to purchase Skype Credits, which I have done. But since most of the numbers I call are 1-800 numbers (which Skype lets you call for free), I guess I haven't used any credits for a while. Thus, every time I sign in to Skype, this little message appears in the GUI:


Wait: so does it expire, or doesn't it? If it doesn't expire (which they seem to be saying), then why is there a time limit? If my credit becomes "inactive", what do I have to do to make it "active" again?

Stuff like this drives me NUTS. The message should be clear and simple. I should not have to spend more than two seconds thinking about it. As usability expert Steve Krug says, don't make me think. I have better things to do (like bitch about confusing messages on my blog). And while it's nice that Skype is at least telling me about this expiration-but-maybe-not-an-expiration date, I am left more confused than I was before, when I was blissfully unaware of all this crap.